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Got questions? We have answers!

This page was made to answer common questions. If your question isn’t in the list, our Hungry Ninja team is always on standby to help!


What is online order integration?

The online order integration we offer at Hungry Ninja allows your customers to place meal orders directly on your website. Your restaurant will get notified in real time, just like Dominos and McDonalds delivery. Cash is collected upon delivery.

Do I need to have a website or web design knowledge?

If you don’t have a website, our web ninjas can get you set up from the start. Just leave everything to us and get ready to fill orders!

What do I need to get started with Hungry Ninja?

You only NEED two things. A good chef to cook food, and someone to deliver it. Hungry Ninja will take care of everything else!


What domain extensions does Hungry Ninja offer?

Option 1:

You may register a HungryNinja domain (ex. your-site.hungryninja.asia)

Option 2:

You may register a .com or any other top-level domains

Option 3:

Use your existing domain if you already have one. No free extensions will be accepted (blogspost, tumblr, etc…)

What CMS does Hungry Ninja use?

Our team of hungry ninjas are WordPress masters! That doesn’t mean we can’t work with you if you’re running another CMS but we strongly recommend WordPress to reduce cost and bugs.

What exactly does Hungry Ninja integrate?

Our online delivery solution is running on WooCommerce for WordPress. We’ve configured WooCommerce to work with a number of premium plugins to achieve our goal. All settings, API configurations and layout designs are handled by HungryNinja.

Sales & Billing

Does Hungry Ninja offer payment plans?

Our goal was to create low cost integration for everyone. If you feel that our prices are still outside of your budget, get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your situation.

Are there any hidden fees?

Yes! If you’re purchasing a full web package with Hungry Ninja, you will need to keep up with your annual domain and hosting renewal.

We include the first year of domain registration and hosting. After the first year is up, renewal prices are approximately $15 for the domain and $50 for the hosting (annually).

Does Hungry Ninja have an affiliate program?

While we don’t currently have a web based affiliate program, you may still refer potential clients to us by dropping us a message. If your referred client converts, we will give you a piece of the pie!

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